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For a dignified, respectful farewell, your Companion deserves

A fond farewell

About Us

We are lifelong companion keepers.

Whether it’s fish, tortoise, rabbits, birds, cats, and dogs, over the years, animals have meant so much to our home. They contributed to our family and were loved so very much for the unique personalities and the companionship they unknowingly gave to us.

It was these relationships that led us to founding Companion. Through our own experience of personal loss with our dear companions, we want to be able to mark their passing, recognise what they mean to us, grieve their loss, and, above all else, remember them.

With Companion, we want to provide other companion keepers with a service that befits the occasion, honours their pet and supports them in this time of loss.

Losing a pet is losing a member of the family and we at Companion Pet Cremation believe in giving them the dignified farewell they deserve.

Our Services

We offer a dignified, personal and supportive service. We are pet owners who have experienced the loss of our beloved companions, so with sensitivity we’ll give you the confidence to know that your companion’s final journey is in the hands of professional, reliable and likeminded pet owners.

We provide a door-to-door service, with either collection from your home (using a wicker pet casket) or from your vet’s clinic. We will then return to your home within 3-4 days.

We offer individual cremations only (no communal/group cremations).

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