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Companion Pet Cremation

For a dignified, respectful farewell, your Companion deserves


About Us

Losing a pet is losing a member of the family.
We at Companion Pet Cremation believe in giving them the dignified farewell they deserve.

Companion Pet Cremation was born out of a personal loss.
We lost Rosie, our golden Labrador and Taz our Bengal cat, separately in 2019 and it was so painful. Navigating the details of what to do next was so difficult through the grief. We needed support and someone to take care of them while we grieved their loss. But we didn’t find it.

We knew this needed to change and we knew that other people saw the loss of their pet as a loss of a family member too.

Over the years we have had many pets that have meant so much to our home. They contributed to our family and were loved so very much for the unique personalities and the companionship they gave us.

These relationships have led us to founding Companion Pet Cremation.
Through our own experience of personal loss with our dear companions we want to be able to mark their passing, recognise what they meant to us, grieve their loss and above all else, remember them.

Through Companion Pet Cremation we want to provide other companion keepers with a service that befits the occasion, honours their pet and supports them in this time of loss.

If you’re going through the loss of a pet right now, reach out to us. We’re here to help.


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Our Services

We have lost pets so we understand the grief and loss that is experienced in those moments. We take the pain out of organising the final goodbye and ensure it is a respectful and dignified experience. One that marks their passing and represents your companion’s place in your family.

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How it works:

When your companion passes or even if you know in advance that they may have to be PTS, contact us and we will look after your companions final farewell and offer any support you need.

We provide a door to door service so we will come to your home (or vet clinic). We have dedicated vehicles for all transport and this is an individual service. Once we arrive to your home and offer condolences, we respectfully transfer your companion to a Willow casket and present for final goodbyes.

When you have spent time and are ready, we will close the casket and gently transfer the casket to the vehicle.

We make the journey to the crematorium where the cremation takes place. We only provide individual cremations so there are no communal cremations.

We remain in contact with you, to support and keep you informed of when your companion will be returning home to you.

We have a wide selection of Urns, scatter tubes, bio urns, keepsakes, pawprints, memorials, jewellery, headstones etc to choose from that best suits you and represents your companion.

Once you are happy with your Urn or keepsake choice, we will return to your home with the remains of your companion within 3-5 days. All is returned and well presented with additional items of remembrance and support.

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